Rick Cluff - Agent/Realtor

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I left the safe world of paychecks and office hours behind to step out on my own. When things didn’t go according to plan, I learned a valuable lesson. 

I was born and raised in Mesa/East Valley. After a nearly Forty-year career in media sales and marketing, it was time for a change. It was 1990 and I’d been itching to go out on my own, create a business from the ground up and see it grow. When I gave notice at my corporate job, counting down the last days, I was practically bouncing in my chair with excitement. 

My family and I moved back from California to Arizona to acquire a horse equipment manufacturing company. I quickly grew our network of dealers/sales agents and established a solid business selling the equipment we manufactured nationwide - from tack, stalls, pre-engineered barns to racetrack accessories. Unfortunately, as quickly as the business found its footing, the economy took a downturn in 1991. The dream I had evaporated before my eyes, as I saw contracts cancel and clients disappear, as they pulled out of anything potentially risky. Just a year and a half after launching my business, feeling frustrated and defeated, I sold my company and moved back to California. 

After a number of years in the corporate media world, I saw another window of opportunity to create and launch my own business this time in a field I spent most of my career in. I left my job at another large media company and developed a small magazine/ publishing and advertising agency. Again, I found the best place to do this was back in Arizona. My business expanded beyond an ad agency for local contractors and businesses specializing in home improvements and furnishings to a highly specialized and targeted magazine that continued to grow in geographical reach and circulation to other cities. This was in 2006 and a couple years later, the economy took a turn again as the housing market crashed. But, this time, I knew we could weather the storm. We worked hard and though the times were difficult and demand for home renovations were at a low, we stayed afloat. I saw countless others lose their jobs, homes, businesses, and I considered myself very grateful to not only have a business during this time, but to continue to bring customers and work to my clients. 

By 2011 I had met and married my beautiful wife, Terri. Around that time, opportunity presented itself to return to the large public media company I had left. I was satisfied with what I had achieved with the business but now it was time to shift my priority to providing more stability for our family. I accepted their amazing offer MY STORY and we moved back to California where the company was located. After a number of years of frequent travel, meetings, and not always seeing eye to eye with the corporate direction of this media company, I realized I missed many of the day to day aspects of what I did when I owned my publishing business. As grateful as I was for my time with the media firm, I more and more longed for the one-on-one interaction with clients, and working with them to provide ideas on how to promote their business and achieve their sales and profit goals. I missed Arizona as well, and after some wonderful years there, considered it my home. I took a leap of faith and entered the world of real estate, which is something I’d always wanted to do. It was time to give it a shot! 

I became a licensed REALTOR® and never looked back. It’s everything I wanted and loved doing, working in my community and having a personal connection with the people I help every day. I enjoy spending time outdoors in this beautiful place with my wife, golfing, and playing guitar after a long day at work. What I realized all those years ago in that first manufacturing business was that sometimes plans change, but they always work out for the best. I wouldn’t trade where I am today or how I got here for the world. And I love helping others get to where they are going, achieving their dreams – and I have the privilege of doing just that every day as a Realtor. 

Buying a home can be intimidating and involves a lot of details. That’s where I can help - to make the process as simple as possible for you. Having decades of experience in media ad sales and marketing, I’ve not only the hands-on marketing experience to help you find the best deal, but I know how to handle a lot of moving parts. I take care of the details, so that you don’t have to worry about the little things. I care about my clients, which means I’m there for you whenever needed and give you regular updates on how things are going. Arizona is my home and I’ve lived in the area for a long time which means I can help you find not only the best property, but the best location for your needs. I want to see my clients succeed not just in their first transaction, but longterm. That’s why I stick around after the sale, continuing to be a resource to you and help you with your real estate needs in the years to come. I have a number of professional resources to help you prepare your house for sale and to help you with upgrades and improvements after you settle into your new home.